Devon received a Burmese name from Taungoo Sayadaw

We all know about the success and efforts of current boxing champion Daewoo. He has been competing in international competitions in Myanmar and has raised the national flag. He is a professional boxer of both Myanmar boxing and traditional Thai boxing and has competed in many of the current state-level tournaments. Daewoo is also a frequent contributor to the Myanmar people and their efforts.


As a result, local boxing players are mainly visiting the local boxing club, and Myanmar boxing experts are learning traditional boxing. The study also included former boxing champion Win Tun Tun and other former boxing champions. Also today, Devi received a reputation from the Taunggyi Teacher Club.


If protector text around “just to apply for and talked about life after boxing is very proud. It Boxing Club for many years been sponsoring a child until now. Boxing fans Sayadaw has impressed me most players had to yell in the new name. Saw protector is also very womb Written material “. Today, Saw Dae, a Karen, who has become a Karen national champion, has shared the day with his fans.