She was so forgetful that she even forgot to breathe

One of the most famous actresses in the country, Khine Htwe Wai is an outstanding actress and has a very good face. At a young age, she is active in the arts, and she also enjoys charitable work. Khaing Wai Wai is founded by the “Strong Youth League” and the “Strong Children’s Home”.

She is a mother who takes care of her daughter, Swan Tway Khaing, despite her many responsibilities. Today, she remembers telling her that she had forgotten to look at her daughter because she was so close to travel today.

“If I had to travel tomorrow, my daughter was sick and would not go straight, so it would not be okay for her to go to bed too late. She would go to the clinic early in the morning and give her medicine, snack, and vomit.”

“Look at him and forget to even breathe. He is doing a lot of euphemism for sleep. The sun is not good. The eyes are not sleeping.” Sleep “တာ င့ ဆို .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..

Before I went to bed, Mom was doing a variety of things for her

Khin Thwe Wai spoke to her mother, Saing Tee Khaing, because she did not trust her daughter. Thank you for your time and attention.

Source: Khine Hnin Wai’s fb