Scenes from the new music video of Yeung Naung, which has a huge interest in the audience

Ye Naing, one of the most famous contestants on Myanmar Idol Season 3, is currently making his own music and is always trying to please his fans. Recently, Ye Naung shared a new image of himself with his new song, “Very Much Love”, on the social network. In the song, the audience will see the younger brother, brother, brother, San Chaung.

Here are some photos from the new song, Ye Naung, which is very interesting for fans.

The new song “Ye Loves” is also filmed by Ye Naung, as well as makeup artist Nyi Maung San, as well as several other models. The music video was filmed by Director Phyo Phyo Naing.

Singer Ye Naung has been trying his best for his new song and is preparing to please his fans. Fans are eager to see the video footage of Ye Htut Maung’s play in the image of the younger brother of Maung San.

It was very interesting to see if the beautiful ladies would choose Ko Ko Nyi Nyi Nyi.

As a singer-songwriter, Ye Htut is currently trying to get fans to create new music. The good-natured policeman still finds close friendships with his friends in Myanmar. If you are interested in this new song by Ye Naung, don’t forget to share.

Myint Myat
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