Two men plan to open a case against Dr Mya Wear

Two men have been charged with three counts of murder in a royal police station on September 11 in a royal police station on September 11.

According to the case, Dr Mya Yee Yee, a plaintiff, said that a friend was coming to his house on 2 U Street Road in Mayangone Township on 9 September evening and that a car with four men approached him and would take him by car.

He added that the men on the car had been “calm down” while the man on the car said he was waiting for his friend. He said the men shouted loudly when they told them that they were not to be identified as bad girls.

“Not every girl you meet on the street is a bad woman. Not all women who go this time are bad. Don’t slap girls on the street. If I was drunk, I would calm down. At that time, people from the west told me that they were afraid of me. They said that they were making big swaddles. ”

As he got into his friend’s car, two men approached him and challenged him. It was reported that the four men left the car and made the call until 199.

When the friend was leaving his car to report the case, he found the car again when he called again in 1999. He called again in the car. A man knocked on the car’s door and turned around and got out of his car and drove away, according to Dr Mya Yee Juice.

“While waiting at the police station, the car stopped when the car was parked right next to the car and knocked. And then I hit the end with a bow. I had to turn away, ”she said.

The two men, who were accused of plotting to stab him in the case, had been charged with murder by Dr Mya Yee Ying and charged with the Penal Code section 294 of the Penal Code. 352 The case has been filed with 506 others.

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