Even in the middle of the town of Man Lay, a wallet is emptying

Mandalay is the city where the last king of the Burmese kings lived. I have a lot of brown men in the royal city that I talk to. A smart city that is slowly evolving into a smart city … The history of this history, which remained out of the nation’s major cities Mandalay crime is so sad … previous motorcycle robbed the authorities as well as the more popular in Japan … maintenance of modern morality and do not hear … but defective, there is still the same elements … Now today morning Mandalay  a young woman from a purse snatching had fled ..

It appears that a man who was talking about buying a purse from a noodle shop in Mandalay was trying to buy a bag of noodles.
The phone rang in the bag. The victim said that the victim had received the bank card and the registration card and that she would pay for it.

Take care all …
They are very brave.
11-9-19 am (8:10) AM
A white purse (Charles & Keith) snatched a seat next to a noodle shop at Mandalay’s 33, 73 and 74th Street.
One of two young men with a Chinese motorbike number (29919) was wearing a white T-shirt.
The wallet contains about 500,000 cash and a bank card phone number, so please contact us.
Registration number
14 / Baccal (Na) 176,635
Not Cherry
The Samsung Edge7 model rose gold

Contact phone number

Below is a video of the lost purse. It was a very brave thief, and the audience was wary.

Click to watch the video