NLD lawmakers question who will be responsible for the lawless acts of the militia

NLD members question who will be responsible for militia groups …

Tatmadaw responds to armed forces training but not submissive …

An NLD lawmaker questioned who would be responsible for the lawless activities of the militia groups.

The questioner is Mi Khun Chan from Paung District, and she exemplifies the lawlessness of the militia, the illegal smuggling and drug trafficking of some militia groups, including one of the militia groups that had taken place in the town of Thandaung.

The militia has been formed in the country since 1975-1976, and there are currently 45 militia groups in one village in Paung Township.

“The purpose of the militia is to protect the lives of the people and the people. The actions of the militant militia in the area have seized drugs in southern Shan State. The militia groups are working. On the other side of the border, most of the people were smuggling timber, and in villages near the sea, the militias were smuggling timber. All the people in the villages know the militia well, ”he said.

In addition, she continued to ask questions, stating that if she gave the states power and power, there could be social conflicts at any time and would result in abuse of power.

Net cold Defense responding to the question of the existing national defense policy to the militia ပြည်သူ့အကျိုး form of military co-operation with the land has spoken သှူု military training, organized and equipped military to clear it through Parliament .

Lt. Gen. Myint Nwe, Deputy Minister of Defense, said, “The militia is not our military organization. They are a grassroots organization. ”

It is therefore explained that the unlawful activities are being carried out under civilian law.

“In the long run, the people are organized into militia organizations that can be part of the military’s strategic plan to protect their country,” said Myint Nwe.

The militia groups formed by the Army, Water, Air Force and Army are organized, trained, trained and trained. It is also responsible for armed insurgency and division, and the respective military headquarters oversees the militia groups formed in their area and oversees by the National Border Border Force.

The explanation also included the sanctions imposed by the civil court, including a civil prison sentence, including a one-year prison sentence for a civilian member who shot and killed a citizen.

Ko Min / Myanmar Harp