Russell’s Operation Video – Haircut in Bangkok |

Russell, who has an attractive face as a foreign model, came to the art world as a model. Russell is also not a bad model for a lipstick girl. Here is a video of Operation Russell’s hair-raising operation for Model Mo’s fans.

Russell was distraught because of his bald forehead, and the friend’s backstory was decided by his hairdresser.

Russell went to Bangkok to get his hair done and has been operating for a long time. The cost of the operation is estimated at over 100 lakhs.

Russell said, “15 days after the hair transplant, the skin is still tight and the skin is growing fast. It appears that ? Vlog will also make a referral to the clinic for a month. Stay tuned and love u all ….”

Here is Russell’s Operation Video File.

Russell’s Operation Video File:

I think fans may have already seen the video of Operation Russell’s hair-raising operation. Thank you to the audience for watching.

Source; Russell