Heinen heard hearing from her sister

Heinrich Heinrich is a successful actor who has made many films and copied live films. He has a younger sister and tells her sister about her sister and how she was very young.

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ဟိန်းဝေယံ sister’s simple, “he became a young man, having a young church news so it holds many artistic hobbies to me right after this and before we know it there is a video taken, Carter would be great here too I do not know who does not seem interested in is a fun sense 0 Moments 0 Yes, that should be 0 detainees, ”

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“I thought it was a hobby. He looked at what Tik Tok was playing. He did a good job doing it. He did whatever it was. It is not an imposition but an opportunity for a young person to have a chance. ”

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The sister also told her brother that he was short. She said, “My brother is not strict. I don’t have much control over what goes on, what goes on, what alcohol is, and smoking.

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“I want you to take care of yourself and take care of yourself. But when it’s too cold, you don’t know what to say. When I was little, when I got a little older, I cared a little about where you were and where you were not yet. ”

She had heard about her sister’s sudden betrayal and said, “Now he knows that he doesn’t want to go to my brother. Not a cold one. He is a young man. Don’t treat me as a minor. “I don’t like the big win for one person. The two siblings are very respectful of each other.

Then, about his brother’s marriage, he said, “I don’t want to take my sister for the sake of a sister. But it does not stop the girl who is in the mood for a favor. It’s a pity that the older brother is very intelligent and so good that it’s not too bad. Yes, I love you too, I love you too. We will continue to move forward with a warm, respectful, loving life. ”

Heinrich said: “I will choose whatever I like. If you are married, you must be in love with your spouse, so you have to love yourself. I would like to think of my favorite style and style. But it should work well for all. It’s best if it’s all right. “My sister loves me too. If she does, I will love her too.”

We would love to read and enjoy a fun interview of two siblings. Thank you for reading.

May Phyo (mml)
Source – momolay tv