Mysterious things happened during World War II

During World War II, many Japanese women were used to sexual activity.

The picture shows how the United States rescued a Korean woman who was pregnant by Japanese. (3th Sep 1945)

After World War I, the New Zealand soldier was able to return home and find out where he was.

The kiwifruit was pictured in white on a hill in the British Isles. (The Kiwi logo has long been used as a New Zealand relief sign).

During World War II, however, the Nazis learned about the Wiki logo and bombed it when they found the Kiwi logo. The Kiwi mark was later removed, but it has been found on a hill in Wiltshire, England.

Although 1000 prisoners were raised in Germany during World War II to increase the population of soldiers, but only 200 babies were allowed to live, and the rest were injected with Chloroform into the heart.

Photo Credit: The Rain
Source: Iron rain

Photo Credit: The Rain